LxD Dashboard

Creating a dashboard for the Center for Creative Leadership



  • UX/UI Design
  • Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Accessbility (WCAG 2.1)
  • Storyboarding
  • User flow

Brought in as a contractor for the Center for Creative Leadership to build out a dashboard for internal and external usage of user to monitor and see the progress of the individual, group or team that access suggested and required programs with the employer. The Center for Creative Leadership is a global non-profit organization that helps leaders develop their skills and abilities. They have a program called LxD, which stands for Leadership Experience Design. The program is designed to help leaders develop their skills and abilities in a way that is more effective and efficient.


In the scope of the project, the challenge I was given was to build a dashboard view from scratch. This view would be used internally and by clients on a regular basis.


A key discovery to this project, especially since there wasn't anything preivous built, was to identify the following features below:

  • Establish roles permissions
  • List of campaigns active and non-active
  • Subscribers and clients
  • Total sessions taken

Personas are fictional characters that represent a group of users. They are used to help designers and developers understand the needs of the users and how they will interact with the product. We created two personas for this project, one for the internal user and one for the external user. The internal user is a HR professional and the external user is a manager.


Conducting some storyboarding sessions with the client, we were able to identify the following features that would be needed for the dashboard.

User flow

Developed an overview of the roles and capabilities of users based on their permission levels and what features they had access to; this included both internal and external users.


As we worked through the process of defining the application's information architecture and wireframes, we developed a design system that would assist us in creating a consistent design throughout the application.