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Web app / UX / Design system


Refine the existing scheduling tool to elevate its user interface to a professional-grade web application, facilitating employees in efficiently booking consultations with a benefits counselor advisor ahead of enrollment periods. This enhancement is designed to ensure employees have a streamlined avenue to address any questions or concerns they may possess.

Issues with existing application

  • Duplication of dates appearing within the sidebar
  • Dates showing when not available
  • Not user friendly
  • Too many options for selection of scheduled date

Solution and Implementation

  • Created a 3 step process for scheduling
  • Only show dates and times available
  • Confirmation for the user


In order to gain a better understanding of the workflow, it was good idea to create some assumption-based personas.


Gain a visual workflow on where to start and end.


Design System

Created a set of standards for consistency and facilitating collaboration. Design System

Spacing and grid

Established a grid system and base 8 spacing for consistent use and layout.


Complete high-level designs.

Before and After

Screens before the revamp of the application.