Hello, I'm Antonio Samuels, a skilled digital designer dedicated to assisting companies in navigating the dynamic digital realm. My expertise centers on developing adaptable and intuitive designs that are designed to evolve with the constantly changing industry. By emphasizing strategic digital approaches, I strive to ensure that each design optimally enhances the user experience and remains relevant in a rapidly evolving marketplace.


  • - User Experience
  • - User Interface Design
  • - Information Architecture
  • - Wireframing / Prototyping
  • - Visual Design
  • - Web Accessibility
  • - Responsive and Mobile Design
  • - Design Systems and Standards
  • - HTML / CSS
  • - Layout Techniques
  • - Brand Strategy
  • - Visual Identity
  • - Brand Guidelines
  • - Digital Design
  • - Product Design
Selected Work
How I work
In order to design an effective product, I adopt a holistic approach, meticulously integrating both the business goals and user needs. This ensures that not only a functional end-product is achieved, but one that also excels in aesthetics and offers the user an engaging, end-to-end experience throughout the entire process.
  • - Plan and strategize
  • - Identifying and solving problems
  • - Create a design
  • - An early prototype
  • - Assurance of quality

Open to work

Good design tells a good story. Great design tells a legacy!

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