Leave Central

A digital leave application.

Dashboard Interface
Design System


  • UX/UI Design
  • Design System
  • Prototyping
  • Accessbility (WCAG 2.1)

Leave Central was an idea to create a web application that would allow internal users in companies to view their employees leave. It would help employers easily track their employees' leave time, and would also allow employees to plan for their vacations in advance. This would help ensure that employees have the necessary time off, while also ensuring that the company is operating efficiently and effectively. The challenge was deciding what features to include in the application and how to design the application.


Our clients had concerns with our current leave application. They wanted to be able to see how many employees were out on leave and when they would be returning. Our current leave application did not allow them to see this information. As a result, employees who were on specific types of leave would have to submit forms to Human Resources in order to get approval to return to work, and, in the case of parental leave and medical leave, this information would have to be submitted to the company's insurance company.


Research was conducted with the client to understand their needs and how the application would be used. We also conducted research with other companies to see how they manage their employees leave, and how they plan on using the application as well.

"It would be helpful if we had an application that would monitor our employees' leave so that we could schedule our workload accordingly."
"In the absence of knowing the number of team members, the workload and productivity of the team can be negatively affected."
To get a better understanding of the HR professional habits and background, we have done some assumption based personas.

A key component of the project was to identify key features that would help establish the app and position them, with the help of user test feedback, on a top level of how the application might be viewed and used by a typical user.

  • Parental leave and how their organization ranked
  • Employee out on leave and who was returning
  • Approval or denial of leave request
  • Reason for leave

As we worked through the process of defining the application's information architecture and wireframes, we developed a design system that would assist us in creating a consistent design throughout the application.

  • Completed some sketches
  • Wireframes
  • Component base library
  • Design